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  • Warrior, Fighter, Crusader or Paladin, 10th level minimum. In the case of Crusaders and Paladins, they must serve one of the traditional gods of the Albiani or worshiping the god Bahamut. Devotees of other faiths are excluded.
  • They must be specialization in long sword & short sword; horsemanship; ancient languages & some tracking and the study of how to fight undead.
  • LG, LN, NG are the only alignments permitted to members of the Templars. Change of alignment away from one of these results in expulsion from the Templars Willing change to an evil alignment are able to join so long as they follow through to change however, they will be watched for a very long time until they are proven they have changed there ways.
  • Members must show a keen knowledge on how to destroy various kinds of undead, demons, devils, and other unspeakable horrors the lead the way.


The Templars of Steel are bound by oath to a code of honor. While most knights strive to live up to the Code at all times, errors and human frailties sometimes have their way. They must follow it at all times, however when dealing with multiple monsters and undead beings.

Honor: A knight is required to engage in combat in an honorable fashion mostly aside from when dealing with Demons, Devils or Undeads. They therefore does not attack the unarmed nor does he ambush. Mercy is to be offered to the worthy.

Stark Belief: The Templars of Steel have a firm believe that various kinds of evil like Undeads are abomination and should be destroyed on sight. However some evils they will permit however while around the Templars are to be watched in case of there is trouble.

Loyalty: Templars swear fealty to a) the people of the land, b) the current monarch and c) the priesthood of Bahamut. Knights must be willing to die in the defense of those to whom their allegiance is pledged at all cost.


He is the first leader and founder of The Templars of Steel out of dislike for the dark arts of Necromancy through raising the disturbing the corpse dead itself through black magic.
She is the second hand, lady to Lord Rowan and is an real life Angel who services in the Templar of Steel following a agreement between them and the Dragon God Bahamut following them impressing him for destruction of a Drago-Lich which threaten to destroy Falcon.
  • Alexander Bramstorm
He is the son and heir of his Rowan Bramstorm and he is a noble warrior and paladin of the Cult of Bahamut being a devoted worshiper to Bahamut as such he does his best to improve lives of others.