• The Lich-King Final Evolution
  • The Second Lich King during Early Stage of Evolution.

The Second Lich King otherwise known as simply "The Lich-King" otherwise known as "Lord of Darkness", "The Bringer of Death" and "The Ultimate Evil". He is a result of a polymerization spell of both a Lich called A'Shard Thranos and the former king of Menargothr turned into a Death Knight after being cursed by Tiamat the goddess of evil dragons.

He is the primary antagonist as well as the one planning to wage war to gain control of the cursed Black Soul Gem that single gem that contains over 80 billion souls of those who were lost during the raise of the very first Lich King, he requires, this in order to complete his plan to not only destroy but to also conquest the world itself.





  • The Lich king is inspired by the World Of Warcraft version however i'm making a DND Version with alot of changes however keeping the title and the blade.