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The Geography of the Mountains of Malbolge

Malbolge The Plane of Envy as well as "The Fallen Abyss" or "The Sixth Plane of Envy" it is known to many as the training ground realm, it is where the devils mostly live or otherwise train into combat.

This is the sixth plane of hell leading down to the seventh Maladomini Realm of Pride, which carries a extremely thick cloud of mist and fog and ruined kingdoms.



  • The Mountain Pathway of Malbolge
  • The Iron-Plate Devil Worm
  • Malbolge's Mountain Snake
  • One of the Monstrous Mountain Beasts
  • The Mountain Giant Devil
  • The Mountain Devil Fortresses of Malbolge

This massive kingdom filled with black stone blocks, each block ranging in size from a small city to a large metropolis filled with people inside. It has formed a pile hundreds of miles/kilometers thick. The randomly tilted and ill-fitting blocks were honeycombed with angular passages and caverns causing non-flying travelers to frequently need mountaineering skills and risk avalanches due to the step hills and pathways along the root to the realm of Maladomini Realm of Pride.

Stinking clouds of vapor rose up from the depths and lit the sky with the color of blood in the air. The Mountains also has groups of multiple fortresses that covers the skill which is also guarded by a gigantic mountain-shaped worm which breaks out of the mountains to attack unsuspecting demons or humans that invade the fortress of the mountains which are commanded by the Arch-Devil in charged. Along the paths there are large metallic worm-shaped beasts which comes out of the ground to attack suspecting victims on the wayways leading deeper into pathway leading downwards into Maladomini.

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Political LifeEdit

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Tor'Baalos Lord of Envy

He is the most brash and reckless of the 9 Archdevil lords as well as the most cruelest even to the point of joking around and being delighting in human misery and other devil. He shown would kill without hesitation, usually playing on its target's emotions to have a psychological advantage. Also he shows little real concern or emotional support for anyone but himself. This is confirm after Mephistopheles applied a trick on him, to show that jealously so easily that the fact humans are kind mutually beneficial friendships that they share, as most of its kind show little real concern or emotional support for one another.
He is the former ruler of the sixth plane of hell before Baal defeated him and forced him to retreat into another plane. He is currently the leader of the armies of Menione Dis The Plane of Temptation following his defeat after making a deal upon his soul to service that lord in order to retain power.

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