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Glasya Queen of Lust and Temptation.

Glasya also known as "Mileena Du Belmont" and "The Queen of Lust and Temptation" is the second lady of the Baator realm as well as the Queen and Master of Menione Dis The Plane of Temptation. She is the Secend of the Nine Hells. She is the daughter of the ninth Devil Lord Asmodeus and queen of all Incubus and Succubus devils.


  • Glasya "Human Form" aka Mileena Du Belmont
  • Glasya Monster Form


Glasya is an incredibly sinister and evil individual, as well as a very powerful Devil Lady. Her greatest skill is her ability to manipulate almost anyone, due to her unbelievably high skills in acting. In her true personality, Glasya has a view of the entire world as a place of stasis, where nothing evolves or changes.

She hates being bored and as such she choices to make chaos in order to make the world mold back into "motion" and a enjoyable sight. She also takes incredible pleasure in others' pain when she is the one causing it, and when her experiments are working, this also includes sending her Succubus/Incubus's after unsuspecting men or females depending on the victim.

She is easily angered by those who create a road block in her experiments, master plans or in the "evolution" of the realms, and usually tries to eliminate by sending her army or her general Raga The Arch-devil General of Greed unless, she feels like doing it personally.

Powers and SkillsEdit