Gamil Zirak The Giant-Crusher

Gamil Zirak The Giant Crusher he is the Dwarfian King of The Kingdom of Byrgisvik, the Nordic/Dwarfian Captial city of Karnione. Despite being a dwarf by blood it said that he has blood of a titan in him or something as he is much taller and has a much larger musscle mass then then other dwarfs.



Gamil Zirak when unmasked

He is despite as a monster of a born as a Dwarf nearly twice the size of a common man, he stand at 8'9 feet tall with long black hair and steel gray eyes. He normally wields a single edge axe blade with burning chains wrapped around it and his hand, which seems to be magical since the burning chains seem to never go out nor burn his skin on contact.

He sometimes wears body armor depending on the battle, however he also has a helmet that is reinforced steel with dragon bone of the chest of the skull attached onto the helmet after he killed a red dragon with his bare-hands. His attire when not in combat is a shirtless figure with long tattoos of Dwarfian and Nordic marks along his body as well as a long pant along it. During combat times of war, he wears custom-made full-plate armor made by the nordic warriors during combat as well.


Powers and SkillsEdit